Data Protection

What is Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity?

In short: Disk-based backup solutions are effectively eliminating tape in the marketplace.  Tape has become slow and is less reliable with age.  Backup appliances such as Datto offer not only disk-based backup and recovery, but also offer the ability to boot up and run mission critical applications on the appliance when your servers or storage have failed.  With replication baked into the solution along with cloud storage, clients can now have the peace of mind to know they are able to fire up their systems at another location in the event of a disaster.  This A-Z approach to backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery is why we have partnered with Datto as our go-to player in this space. 


Datto also offers protection for ransomware that is hitting many companies today.  The ransomware virus has gone beyond encrypting the storage on servers and is now working its way into the backup environment.  Datto is addressing this with it’s inverse chain technology which is not dependent on the entire chain of snapshots to restore data.

Today, Datto is protecting Windows and many flavors of Linux servers.  Consolidated Computing monitors and helps remediate failed backups for its clients.  Datto provides tier 1 hardware/software support to our clients.  We work with our clients to test these backups locally on the appliance and in the cloud.  Many of our clients are migrating to Datto’s infinite cloud service which provides unlimited storage in the cloud for an unlimited amount of time.  Today, Datto is the fastest growing company in the state of Connecticut. 

Datto also offers cloud-to-cloud backup and restoration with its Backupify products.  These protect Gmail, Google docs, Office 365, OneDrive and Salesforce.