Up until recently storage has been relatively unchanged.  The advent of SSD (solid state disk) has been been very exciting for the industry.  Initially, SSD was proving to be cost prohibitive for most organizations and then came data de-duplication.  These combined technologies deliver a cost per gigabyte in the same ball park as spinning disk.  The other major change has come in the form of ease-of-use.  In years past engineers could train for many weeks and still need the help of the vendor to implement and manage change.  Today, it can be as simple as 30 minutes of training and a full user manual that has been reduced down to a two-sided business card. 


Consolidated Computing specializes in delivering storage solutions with performance, ease-of-use and high-availability in mind.  These solutions include server consolidation, storage consolidation and virtualization of desktops.  Our primary vendors include: PureStorage, HP and Dell.