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Consolidated Computing, Inc.

380 Morehouse Road

Easton, CT 06612


Don Hanson, President & CTO

203-268-3455 Office
203-993-0070 Cell

Richard Hyman, Executive Vice President of Business Development

203-557-4794 Office

813-465-4421 Cell

Robert DePalermo, Director Business Development

203-464-1644 Cell

Dave Loewenbaum, VP of Sales Administration

203-268-3455 Office
203-395-6173 Cell

Leo Como, Sr. VMWare Engineer

203-581-0308 Cell

EJ Gregory, SR. VMWARE Engineer

860-930-7217 Cell

Rick Litowski, SR. VMWARE Engineer

203-220-8887 Office
203-395-5321 Cell

Art Kelly, Datto & Ruckus Engineering Specialist

203-222-8643 Office
203-904-0004 Cell

Nena Hanson, Event Coordinator

203-858-2114 Cell

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